Alex Glassey – Running away from debt?


Perhaps it is appropriate that the first post of is about a businessman, Alex Glassey, who incurs debt with his company, Glassey Technologies Inc., in Ontario and then moves out to Victoria BC while attempting to avoid paying that debt.

Alex Glassey
Is Alex Glassey avoiding payment of outstanding court-ordered judgement by moving from Ontario to British Columbia?

To be fair, perhaps such a post would be better posted on — but since that blog isn’t convenient for posting, we’ll continue on here.

Court documents show that Glassey Technologies Inc., wholly owned by Alex Glassey, hired Avalanche Search Marketing to perform search engine optimization for his project management online application.  But after making a couple of payments on the account, Alex Glassey stopped writing cheques and refused to pay Avalanche even though Avalanche was meeting its contractual commitments.  After postponing the court date at least once, Alex Glassey failed to show up for his last chance to defend his company and a default judgement was awarded to Avalanche.

During the process of trying to collect from Glassey Technlogies (but before the trial), court documents show that Glassey Technologies moved to Victoria BC where Alex Glassey is using that company now as a vehicle for his latest scheme, StratPad.

One hopes, for their sake, that any programmers or service agencies being employed by Alex Glassey get their money up front.


Alex Glassey